Bistro Menu

Our Bistro serves scandinavian style cuisine, made from locally produced, fresh and seasonal products.

The bistro seats up to 80 persons and our large terrace sits up to 50 persons during summer time.



Two Root tartar                 7

Toasted root vegetables, salt cured egg yoke with mustad seed-dill relish and crispy root chips. L, G, M, Pveg

From the Sea                     7

lightly seared salmon with sea weed and horseradish mousse. L, G

Beet and Goat Cheese       7

Goat cheese stuffed red beet poppers with yogurt dip and
pickled cucumbers. L, G, Pveg

Mushroom Espresso Soup  7

Soft and creamy, mushroom soup, laced with espresso. Served with gratinated garlic-herb bread. L, Pg

Potato-rye Blines               7

Small potato-rye blines, pickled baltic herring with roe-butter sauce. L

Lamb Pastrami                   7

Lamb pastrami from a nearby farm, goat cheese, red wine-blueberry syrup with arugula. L, G



Venison osso bucco           26

Tender local venison from Vesilahti stewed in tomato sauce,  spelled bead risotto and house made yogurt. L

Goose            26

Slow cooked Hauhala Ranch goose leg, toasted purée of cellery, grilled pear and crispy Jerusalem artichoke. L

Pepper Steak 32

File of Finnish native cattle, oven onion, bacon-potato croquettes with dark green pepper sauce. L, G

The Fisherman                    24

Sustainably fished from the lake outside your window, served with a rotating selection of seasonal accoutrements, please ask your server about today’s catch. L/G, ask for allergens.

Vegetable Bowl                  24

White truffle oil seasoned potato-gnocchi, shiitake-bok choy stew, purée of Jerusalem artichoke and locally made goat cheese. L, pVeg


Vaihmala Whisked Pudding                    7

From berries grown in our garden traditional berry pudding with a twist. Served with toasted white chocolate bits, house made yogurt with lemon and vanilla. L

Oven Ice Cream                  7

Oat-chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake, berries and almond-marenque topping. G, M, L, Veg

Espresso and Chocolate     7

Espresso with two chocolate pralines from today’s selection. 

Artisan Ice Cream
4,50€ / 1 scscoop, 6,50€ / 2 scscoops dressssing +1,00€
Our very own pastry chef prepares our ice creams in house. Dressing options are raspberry melba, salted caramel and chocolate.