Our Bistro serves scandinavian style cuisine, made from locally produced, fresh and seasonal products.

The bistro seats up to 80 persons and our large terrace sits up to 50 persons during summer time.



Lake Vanaja Fish Soup 10

Day’s selection of fresh fish, siikli-potatoes, stewed leek and fennel in rich fish broth. L, G

The Gardener’s Jar 7

Thyme-honey perfumed root vegetables with chanterelles and roasted sunflower seeds, served with root vegetable-seed cracker. L, G

Country Paté 11

Thyme-honey perfumed root vegetables with chanterelles and roasted sunflower seeds, served with root vegetable-seed cracker. L, G

Bacon Escargot 12

Deep fried bacon escargot with refreshing arugula – cabbage salad, served with garlic – bacon aioli and crispy blue cheese. L


The Mansion’s Pork Chop 24

Grilled local Paija Ranch pork chop with apple and shallots. Paired with farmer’s potatoes and garlic – bacon aioli. L, G

Buckthorn Pike 25

Pike caught from the neigbouring lake, friend in browned dill-butter, stewed buckthorn, spinach waffle and sous vide carrots. L

Goose Thigh 29

Goose thigh slowly braised in Pyynikki Brewing Company’s porter, vanilla parsnip-pyré, salted beets and red currant. L

Steak 32

Grilled Hereford-steak, velvety smooth pepper sauce, potato galette and roasted cauliflower. L, G

From The Garden 17,50

Oven roasted pumpkin, rosemary cauliflower and fried oats. L

For Kids

Half sized portions of all main courses

For Kids 8,50

Kids hamburger or a two-topping pizza.


Our pizza dough is opened up in rye flour which gives the crust rugged texture and added flavor. Toppings have been primarily selected from local ingredients. We strive to differ from the norm and offer you something to pique your interest and awaken your senses. We finish your pizza crust with garlic and rosemary seasoned cold-pressed rape seed oil.

Two Peppers 16

Finnish pepperoni, emmentaler-cheese and  
freshly ground black pepper, topped with more cheese.

Whisky Salmon Caesar 17

Our own Caesar-dressing as pizza base sauce, Emmentaler cheese, cosmopolitan-lettuce and cold smoked salmon flavoured with whisky.

Pig And Apple 15

Paija Ranch pork, apple-shallot chutney, organic Brie cheese and topped with lamb lettuce.

The Nationalist 15

Every Finn knows this national classic: sauna slow cooked ham, fresh pineapple and Aura blue cheese.

The Gardener 15

Grilled asparagus, stewed morels and crispy jerusalem artichoke, topped with fresh greens.

The Bailiff’s Pizza 20

Hereford-beef fillet, chanterelles, deep fried, crispy parsnip and lamb lettuce. 

The Dictator 18

Take control of your life by choosing 4 toppings:

Bacon-garlic aioli, Caesar-dressing, fermented vegetables, thyme honey, canned chanterelle, apple-shallot chutney, stewed fennel, stewed leek, roasted cauliflower, salted beets, dill, pumpkin, fried leek, fried turnip, deep fried herbs, Paija’s pork, shrimp, pepperoni, country ham, fresh pineapple, Aura blue cheese, whisky salmon, organic Brie cheese, Emmentaler cheese, lamb lettuce, sunflower seed, cosmopolitan-salad. Hereford-beef cuts as topping 5€

Gluten-free pizza add 2,00

Top it with garlic-parsley oil 0,50


Buttermilk & Blueberry 10

Buttermilk pudding, blueberry and white chocolate cookie.

Chocolate & Torched Salt 11

Muddy chocolate-liquorish cake with our own raspberry and gooseberry sorbet. L, G, V

Artesian Ice Cream 3,90/1 scoop
5,90/2 scoops
dressing +1,00

Our very own pastry chef prepares our ice creams in house. Dressing options are raspberry melba, salted caramel and chocolate.