Bistro Menu

Our Bistro serves scandinavian style cuisine, made from locally produced, fresh and seasonal products.

The bistro seats up to 80 persons and our large terrace sits up to 50 persons during summer time.



Soup of the Manor 8€
Refreshing soup, served cool, prepared from local farm vegetables, with house made garlic bread and whipped buttermilk L, G, pM

Garden Salad 7,00€
Serving vegetables fresh from our garden, local farmers or what is seasonally available in Finland; this salad is topped with seeds and cranberry vinegrette L, G, M

Vuolteenvirran Jar 11€
Cold smoked salmon and herring pudding with potato salad and malted bread from our bakery. We know, this sounds weird, but is refreshing and delicious! L, pG

Coal burner’s tartar 11€
Locally raised beef, slightly charred and fiely chopped. Topped with fennel-straberry salad, chili-cranberry mayo and salvia L, G, M



Roasted chicken 16€
Whisky cold smsmoked salmon 19€
Naturel 14€

Little gem lettuce, cherry tomatoes, dill marinated spring potatoes, local farmers egg, crispy bacon and garlic bread L, M, pG



HoviBRGR 19€
Croissant-bun filled with locally raised beef-burger, topped with Koskenlaskija-cheese, salad, tomato, bacon-garlic mayo, served with cocktail-pickles and fries L, pG

Pan Fried Liver 20€
Organic liver of spring lamb, cooked in butter with sour milk caramelized onions, cranberries and mashed butter potatoes L, G

Vegetable Noodle Bowl 18€
Vegetable noodles, sultry vegetable broth, shiitake-kale stew, toasted sunflower seeds, breaded and fried cauliflower L, M pG

Chicken Farmer’s Chicken 21€
Crispy fried chicken pieces topped with sweet chili-tomato sauce (slighly spicy), on a bed of velvety cauliflower pyre, garlic potatoes and blue cheese dressing for dipping L, G

Catch of the Day – Lake Fish 26€
Vanajavesi lake fish, served fresh depending on what the local fishermen caught. Pleae ask your served. Served with dill-lemon mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables L, pG

Paija Farm Pork 24€
Locally raised and butchered pork pan fried with fresh herbs and garlic served on a bed of tomato stewed kale-shiitake-bean salad L, G



Pear & milk chocolate log 10€
Our pastry chef has created this delightful combo for you

Rhubarb, strawberries and meringue 10€
Rhubarb pie, meringue, strawberry and rasberry compote with berry sorbet L, G

Artisan Ice Cream
3,90€ / 1 scscoop, 5,90€ / 2 scscoops dressssing +1,00€
Our very own pastry chef prepares our ice creams in house. Dressing options are raspberry melba, salted caramel and chocolate.



Kaks pepee 16€
Our own classic, double pepperoni, double cheese, topped with freshly ground pepper

The Nationalist 15€
Local producers sauna cooked ham, fresh pineapple and Aura blue cheese

Chicken & brie 16€
Juicy chicken, organic Brie, caramelized onions and arugula

Fire & fury 17€
Red Label-seasoned cold smoked salmon, shrimp, blue cheese sauce, cowboy ketchup sauce and arugula

Vegetarian 16€
Shiitake, mushroom Brie, seeds, pickles and arugula

Gluten free pizza-base 2,00
Garlic-parsley oil 0,50

The Dictator 18€
Take control of your life by choosing 4 toppings:
– bacon-garlic aioli
– blue cheese dressinge
– sweet chili sauce
– cranberry-chili mayo
– thyme honey
– caramelized onion
– pickle
– shiitake
– seasonal vegetables
– shrimp
– pepperoni
– country ham
– fresh pineapple
– blue cheese
– whisky cold smoked salmon
– organic brie
– sunflower seeds
– arugula



Chicken Farmer’s Chicken 11€
Crispu fried chicken with creamy cauliflower pyré, fried potatoes L, G

Catch of the Day 11€
Local daily catch with dill-lemon mashed potatoes L, pG

Kids Pizza 8,50€
With any two toppings