Viinillinen viikonloppu 2.-3.3.2019

Viinillinen Viikonloppu saa tänä talvena uuden käänteen!

Tämän talon väki on sillä lailla kuohuvien perään, että on luontevaa jatkaa tähän malliin, joten juhlimme Viinillisenä viikonloppuna Samppanjaviikonloppua Vaihmalan Hovissa 2.-3.3

Viinillinen viikonloppu-paketti 219€/hlö sisältäen

  • alkumaljan
  • tastingin
  • viinintekijäillallisen viineineen
  • yöpymisen ja aamiaisen pöytiintarjoiltuna
  • Paketti ilman yöpymistä on 179€/hlö

Viinillisen viikonlopun Samppanjatuottaja on Champagne Walzcak

Varaukset tai  ja valitse päivämäärät 2.-3.3.2019


Lisää tietoa Champagne Walczakista:

Our family exploitation

Coming from a family of wine growers, my dream was to create my own exploitation. 1973 is the beginning of a long and enthusiastic life of work but also of pleasure and fullfillment.

Our vineyard has developped with the years. Our aim beeing to remain entirely on the terroir of Riceys, reputed for the quality of its wines.

My children joined me in 2001 to consolidate our house in the evolution of our work method in our vineyard and champagnization. We do not treat our vineyard with any weed-killers and we are working in the perspective of sustanable winegrowing.

For the vinification thermo-regulated winery with many recipients wich allows us to separate the wine from each vineyard in order to optimize the wealth of our cuvée. A part o our wines is elaborated in oak barrels for more roundness and delicatness.

At this time, our domaine of 10 ha is located in Riceys’s terroir, it allows us to elaborate our Champagnes and our famous Rosé des Riceys (geographical indication system specificly from Les Riceys).

At this time, our production varies from year to year between 70 and 80 000 bottles commercialized in France and abroad.

Our aim is to produce a Champagne which preserve terroir and environment. This way we obtained two certifications : ”Terras Vitis” and ’Haute Valeur Environnementale” worthy of our approach.