Karitsatar 9,70

Slightly charred lamb tartar from our yard, accompanied by egg yolk, pickled root vegetables, pickle-honey and lemon-garlic aioli. M, G

Soup of Morels 8,90

Local morels in a velvety creamy soup. Served with a garlic-cheese tostini. L, pG

Crayfish Toast 10,90

Dark malty bread slice topped with river crayfish, horseradish mayo, warm smoked roe with an egg yolk. L

Napue Gin Salmon 9,70

We marinated this salmon in award winning Napue-gin from Finland. Served with pickled root vegetables, shiitake and horseradish mayo. M, G


Warm Smoked Salmon 22,60

Locally smoked salmon, shiitake and roasted potatoes and horseradish mayo. L, G

Paija’s Farm Pig 18,70

BBQ-glazed slowcooked local farm pig, with shiitake, potatoes, pickled red onion and garlic-lemon aioli. L, G

Goat Cheese Veggie Stew 18,70

Stew of shiitake and spinach with pine nuts and zucchini, topped with a round of grilled goat cheese. Sweet potato fries with garlic-yogurt sauce and devil’s jam. L, G

The Neighbours Chicken 18,50

Patiently prepared over medium heat and roasted for a crispy exterior, this chicken boasts a tasty lemon marinade, accompanied by carrot-corn pyré and sweet potato fries and garlic-yogurt sauce. L, G                                                  

Vaihmalan Lamb 20,30

Soy-honey glazed lamb ribs, roasted siikli-potatoes, corn pyré and carrots. L

For the Kids – Halves of any dinner.

For the Kids 8,50

Kids hamburger or a 2-topping pizza.


Hovin Burger 18,90

Hefty beef patty from a local farm served between a Ståhlbergin-bakery bun. Plays nice with cheddar-cheese, tomato slice, lettuce, garlic pickle and marinated red onion. L, pG

Veggie Burger 17,90

This BBQ-glazed-icantbelieveitsnotpork veggie burger made possible by a product made from peas. Served between a Ståhlbergin-bakery bun. Topped with cheddar, tomato slice, lettuce, garlic-pickle and marinated red onion. L, pG or we can make it vegan upon request.

Fish & chips 14,90

This pike comes from the waters you see outside our window. Dipped in rye batter, fried and served with fries, lemon-garlic aioli and fresh root vegetable slaw. L


Delightful blend of greens, tossed in homemade sour milk dressing, sprinkled with red currant vinegrette and homemade crackers. Accompanied with warm dish of shiitake, zucchini and pine nuts. L, G

With goat cheese 16,90

With lemon-marinated chicken 16,90


Lakes of Finland 16,90

Local dude’s smoked salmon, river crayfish, marinated red onion and dill.

Pig n’ shroom 12,90

Slowcooked Paija’s Farm pig, morel and onion hash, shiitake, dill pickles and lemon-garlic aioli.

The Chicken Coop 15,30

Lemon marinated chicken, devil’s jam, horseradish-sauce and arugula.

Dille 16,20

Salami ja sauna-smoked ham, slow cooked pig, goat cheese and dill.

Nationalist 14,90

Sauna-smoked ham, fresh pineapple and Aura Gold -blue cheese.

Vegetarian 15,90

BBQ-icantbelieveitsnotpork with shiitake shrooms, goat cheese, pine nuts and arugula.

Diktator 16,90

Take control by choosing 4 toppings:

Smoked salmon, river crayfish, Paija’s farm slow cooked pig, salami, sauna-smoked ham, lemon-marinated chicken, morel-onion hash, tomatoes, shiitake, fresh pineapple, goat cheese, double the cheese, Aura Gold -blue cheese, BBQ-icantbelieveitsnotpork, pine nuts, arugula, dill, marinated red onion, garlic pickle, horseradish mayo, lemon-garlic aioli, devil’s jam.

Gluten-free pizza 2,00

Top it with garlic-parsley oil 0,50


Chocolate Cake 7,90

Velvety chocolate cake, mocca-mousse, salty caramel, oat-crumble and raspberry créme. G

Finnish Berry Pudding 7,50

Local berries stewed into a delicious pudding with a berry heart, topped with sour vanilla creme and oat-crumble. This is a staple dish in any finnish home.