Our Bistro serves scandinavian style cuisine, made from locally produced, fresh and seasonal products.

The bistro seats up to 80 persons and our large terrace sits up to 50 persons during summer time.



Smoked Small Fish 9,30

Caught in the lake you see outside our window, smoked locally, served with pickled root vegetables and rowan berries picked from our garden and dill creme L, G

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup 10,90

Creamy and smooth soup of root-artichoke, served with pickled root vegetables and sour mash crackers L, pG

Slow Smoked Lamb 11.90

Our very own lamb slow smoked and thinly sliced, served with local cheddar, rowan berries picked from our yard and garlic-lemon aioli L, pG


Pike-perch in Crayfish Butter 28,90

Caught in the waters you see outside the Bistro window, cooked in crayfish butter, served with stewed shallots, baked tomatoes and spinach L, G

Chicken 18,90

Cooked with patience over mild heat, this juicy boneless thigh is served with grain risotto, baked tomatoes and stewed shallots L

Open BRGR 18,70

Start with a thick slice of rustic bread, toasted in garlic-butter, locally produced highland cattle burger (160g), topped with local cheddar and stuffed with the usual suspects. Served with fries and root-coleslaw L, pG

Local Pork 18,50

Slow-cooked, locally produced, pork that melts in your mouth. Glazed and served with chanterelle-potato hash and carrot-pyre L, pG

Peppersteak of Horse 28,50

Locally produced steak of horse, served with creamy and peppery sauce, an herbed-potato cake and a mushroom-cabbage roll and carrot-pyre L, pG    *Please note, to preserve flavor, we only serve this to medium rareness*

For Kids

Half sized portions of all main courses

For Kids 8,50

Kids hamburger or a two-topping pizza.


Lakes of Finland 16,90

Small fish caught from the lake you can see outside the window and smoked locally, with river crayfish, marinated red onion, dill creme and dill

Lamb n’ shroom 12,90

Slowcooked lamb from our own farm, chanterelle and onion hash, dill pickles and lemon-garlic aioli

The Chicken Coop 15,30

Lemon marinated chicken, devil’s jam, lemon-garlic aioli and arugula

Dille 16,20

Salami ja sauna-smoked ham, slow cooked pig,
local cheddar  cheese and fresh dill

Nationalist 14,90

Sauna-smoked ham, fresh pineapple and Aura Gold -blue cheese

Vegetarian 15,90

Chanterelle-onion hash, roasted Jerusalem artichoke,
local cheddar and arugula

The Dictator 16,90

Take control by choosing 4 toppings:

Smoked small fish, river crayfish, Paija’s farm slow cooked pig, salami, sauna-smoked lamb, lemon-marinated chicken, chanterelle-onion hash, tomatoes, shiitake, fresh pineapple, goat cheese, double the cheese, Aura Gold -blue cheese, arugula, dill, marinated red onion, garlic pickle, lemon-garlic aioli, devil’s jam, dill creme.

Gluten-free pizza 2,00

Top it with garlic-parsley oil 0,50


Manna-pudding & vanilla sour milk 7,30

Whipped together from berries picked from our bushes, served with strawberry jam, topped with sour milk and garnished with crisp oats. Traditional Finnish treat. L

Chocolaty 9,30

We took chocolate brownie bits, twisted it up in our home made ice cream and added hot caramel and topped with oat cracker L, pG

Psst. Home Made Ice Cream 5,90

Can’t decide? Take a look at our selection of ice creams, all produced in house. Go wander over to the ice cream stand in the lobby to see what we are serving today.